Sunday, June 6, 2010

Satin & Birch

I saw these amazing soaps on Etsy's front page and just had to share. Aren't these just stunning? You just have to see Satin & Birch's Etsy shop to see what else this seller has. You will be blown away, and hopefully, you'll find something for your own pleasure to decorate a little part of your world. She loves things that are beautiful, European, luxurious, and smell wonderful.
She is also a proud New Member of the Createability Team. Now go see what she has and feast your eyes on these beauties!!

Satin & Birch at


  1. I too saw these on Etsy and they were shared on Facebook. They are adorable. I live in an area where 50% of the homes are vacation properties, and so many of them decorate in a nautical theme! These would be perfect!

    Thanks for the Facebook add! I look forward to sharing more with you!

    Have a SUPER day!

  2. Oh aren't they just gorgeous? I can see these sitting in a beautiful big shell in a bathroom at the beach though I don't have a beach house :)