Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Just Too Hot Today! 107!!

Well it's just so flipin' hot here today. 107 is just a bit much with 48% humidity. Keith and I went to Walmart and got the grandkids the cutiest blow up pool. 3 ft. deep, and 10x5. They had such a good time in it and it's perfect for cooling them off. Even bought the blow up rings for them to float around in. Blake will be 6 this Thursday, so he's big enough to get in the ring himself. But little Madison is only 2 and had to be helped in it. She just love that. At first, Maddie and Blake got in with their clothes then I went in and had to get Maddie's bathing suit. It's a little more comfortable I think. Keith and I ended up getting in the pool with them, and played with the beach balls, and of course, I got splashed in the face a few times. lol We really had a blast in the water with the kids. After a couple of hours, I had them get out. In this heat, didn't want to deal with a sunburn later. Got the kids in the house, out of their wet clothes and Madison fell asleep within 30 minutes..:)) Sure nice to be in the house now..Ahhh


  1. That water looks inviting. I could have used that little pool the last couple of days...My A/C went on the blink!...Good thing our temps only got up to the high 80s!!!

    Still wasn't any fun, with the humidity!

  2. OMG..not good to lose the AC this time of you didn't have high heat! Whew..Stay cool my friend..Hugs!!