Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Just Too Hot Today! 107!!

Well it's just so flipin' hot here today. 107 is just a bit much with 48% humidity. Keith and I went to Walmart and got the grandkids the cutiest blow up pool. 3 ft. deep, and 10x5. They had such a good time in it and it's perfect for cooling them off. Even bought the blow up rings for them to float around in. Blake will be 6 this Thursday, so he's big enough to get in the ring himself. But little Madison is only 2 and had to be helped in it. She just love that. At first, Maddie and Blake got in with their clothes then I went in and had to get Maddie's bathing suit. It's a little more comfortable I think. Keith and I ended up getting in the pool with them, and played with the beach balls, and of course, I got splashed in the face a few times. lol We really had a blast in the water with the kids. After a couple of hours, I had them get out. In this heat, didn't want to deal with a sunburn later. Got the kids in the house, out of their wet clothes and Madison fell asleep within 30 minutes..:)) Sure nice to be in the house now..Ahhh

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Williams-Sonoma Home | Animal Jacquard Bath Towels

Williams-Sonoma Home | Animal Jacquard Bath Towels

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recall of Roll-Up Chicology Roll-Up Blinds l Child Safety l BabyZone

About 6,200 roll-up blinds by Chicology have been recalled due to risk of strangulation.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am featured in these Treasuries

So excited to have my Jade keychain included in this beautiful treasury made by JewelrybyNala on Etsy.

Just got included in this beautiful treasury!">

Another stunning treasury I'm featured in.

My painting is included in this gorgeous treasury by GlimmeringGems

What a glamourous treasury!


I happened to see these on the front page of Etsy today and just had to share. I was just dumbfounded at their beauty. What an unusual and intricate item!! I just sat and stared at them, wondering how in the world this artisan did this. I hope you visit Yoola's shop and see her other beautiful work!

Visit Yoola's shop here:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Satin & Birch

I saw these amazing soaps on Etsy's front page and just had to share. Aren't these just stunning? You just have to see Satin & Birch's Etsy shop to see what else this seller has. You will be blown away, and hopefully, you'll find something for your own pleasure to decorate a little part of your world. She loves things that are beautiful, European, luxurious, and smell wonderful.
She is also a proud New Member of the Createability Team. Now go see what she has and feast your eyes on these beauties!!

Satin & Birch at