Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lauren of Maybeads Makes Adorable Animal Beads!

Lauren Mazursky, creates all of the lampwork beads - one by one. When you look at her beads, you'll likely see them looking back at you! That's because most of her beads are sculptural animal beads. She loves to make dogs and turtles, but also likes to try new things as well. All of her beads are properly kiln annealed for strength and durability, plus they are cleaned of bead release with a Dremel tool. This is a very talented glass artisan and her Etsy shop is a must see! Cuteness everywhere!! :))
This is Patti the Patriotic Cow. One of my favorites!
See this precious bead and all the rest here:


  1. You were absolutely right. Cuteness everywhere!! I especially love the doggies...Michey the Mutt! Mmmuah!!! :-)

  2. Oh her doggies are adorable too. Heck, they are all my I love love love this cow and the owls the most. No wait, the hippo, no wait, the

    You're welcome! :))