Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Las Vegas Trip 2010

Well, Sunday May 16th, 2010 we left for Las Vegas. We've been there many times, but decided this trip to take a few photos. We checked in at the Venetian, and usually gamble right after we get in our room. Well, we checked in, but the room wasn't ready. So we checked our luggage with the Bell Cap, and took off into the casino. We had just started to gamble on the slots, when my cell phone rang. It was Valet, saying my Suburban wouldn't start. So we left the machines and went out front to my Suburban. Well come to find out, I gave Valet Keith's truck keys instead of my keys. Now talk about embarrasing! So back in the casino we go. We always use tracking cards, and that way, with our points, we always get our rooms comp'd. I tried to use my tracking card, but since it's been a while since I went, my card was old. So there I stood, in a long line to get a new one. So I finally reached the front of the line, and proceeded to get my new tracking card. The casino called me on my cell to let me know our room was ready. So Keith and I went over to the invited guests check in, and they told us to go to the other side of the check out area for our keys. So with keys in hand, we proceeded to our room. Beautiful room! I went to the phone to call "luggage" to have them bring our luggage up. I must have sat on that phone for 20 minutes on "hold". :(( They were pretty busy!! You would have never known the economy was in such dire
We decided to go downstairs to the luggage area and get our luggage ourselves. That didn't take too long. Maybe 10 minutes. Well, then back upstairs to the 9th floor to put our luggage in our room.

Down to the casino we go! I hear a slot machine calling my We gambled for a while, but as usual, didn't have any luck. But after all, that's why the Casino's have billions, and I don't. :)

We decided to go to the Grand Lux Cafe to eat. I ordered breaded chicken pieces, breaded, and smothered in a carmel glaze. OMG, that was soooooo good. I will say it's a shame they gave so much, and had to throw the leftovers away. Just way too much for someone to eat. Keith had Rib eye steak and he said it was pretty tasty. So with full tummies, off to the slots we went again. No luck again. By then, we were pretty tired, so we went up to the room to relax and then hit the sack.

The Venetian is a gorgeous Casino with the most beautiful rooms. BUT THIS BED SUCKED! It was almost like there was a "down" mattress cover, which made the bed too hot! And the pillows? They were so fat, we both kept waking up all hours of the night due to neck

Ok, it's Monday. We went downstairs to eat, then off to the Wynn Casino. Now that place is to die for if you want comfort! We have stayed there a lot and their beds, service, food, and employees are 1st rate!! We played some of the slots, and held our own and had a good time there. Here are a few pics I took of a couple of their ceilings.

We went over to check out "Encore" at the Wynn. That too, was gorgeous! But of course, no luck on the So off to Treasure Island we went. Played there for a while and didn't do good there either, so off to the new casino!
We took a cab over to the new casino, "Aria". Very pretty, and we found 2 machines, side by side, that we sat at for about 3 hours. Pretty rare, since most take your money FAST. Keith and I each put $20.00 in each machine, and walked away with $300.00 each. Pretty good and NOT THE NORM! Our rears were getting sore, lol , so we left.

Went back to the Venetian to have dinner. If you ever go to the Venetian, you have to eat at Emeril Lagasse's Delmonico Steakhouse. They are a bit pricey, but I will eat there everytime I go to Las Vegas. The service is outstanding, the restaurant is very classy, (we were dressed casual), and the food. OH THE FOOD! Talk about a mouth full of flavor and heaven! The meat is always so tender and full of amazing flavor. The vegetables, the ones we got, had a sauce that was scrumptous! Our Matridee was the most wonderful man. He made sure nothing was overlooked, and really treated us like royalty!

Nothing much after dinner. A bit of gambling and then back to that BED! :( We woke up in the morning, showered, packed up and checked out. But will have to say. We've stayed at a lot of the Casinos in Las Vegas. The Wynn has to be the best as far as comfort. We haven't stayed there in a while, due to a Casino Host, who I won't mention, got stupid on the phone talking to someone about us, (and didn't know we were listening) and I was offended. Guess you have to be high dollar with this woman, to be treated with dignity. If you're middle class, you don't count, and she made that perfectly clear without knowing we heard every word. Oh well. Too many other wonderful places there.

We hit the highway home, and I wanted to go to Primm to gamble one more time. Keith ended parking at Whiskey Pete's. (Nevada and California state line). We went into Whiskey Petes Casino and didn't do any good. But I didn't want to go here So we got in the Suburban and drove over to the Primm. We played a few machines with no luck. I sat at a 25 cent Wheel of Fortune and walked away with $375.00. TIME TO

Home on Tuesday and slept like a baby. Love my squishy pillow! :)

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